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  • Random Chat Room Testimonials/Quotes

    "People here are really caring and really want to help"

    "I've found this room VERY supportive"

    "I have found this room to be supportive & non offensive. One person overstepped the mark the other day & the moderators dealt with it swiftly"

    "I think this is a very good comunity and it's definetly a plus side to the depression community"

    "This chat room keeps me sane"

    "I know i dont talk so much here but i really love having somewhere to go where i dont feel so lonely"

    "This is the only place that seems to understand"

    "We all had to have someplace to go & this is the place to be for us!"

    "I have a hard time leaving the house, this is my social life, and thankfully this room and you all very special"

    "I'm quite amazed at how much coming here helps sometimes"

    "Meeting ppl here helps because i don't have outside friends or go out much at all"

    "So i just wanna say thank you to everybody here. you all are AMAZING and this is officially my favorite place to be. i love you all. everyone is so nice and supportive"

    "I dont know wat id do without this place"

    "We share our sad and happy moments, vent a bit..and try to treat all with respect. We help each other, by peer support"

    "Talking to someone who knows how you feel helps for sure"

    "I knew i could calm down if i came here, it gets my mind moving"

    "Thanks this site is a life saver"

    "Well i have to eat now, ill most likely be back since this room is so caring and understanding"

    "I just want to say thank you to everyone in here...I have been really struggling lately and you guys have been here for me when no one else is...I can count on you guys to be here when I can't count on anyone thank you so so much..."

    "I want to thank everyone in here for helping me i have really used this chat room alot and you have saved my life thank you everyone"

    "This depression chat room is nothing like the yahoo depression chat room ( which is a good thing ) all they do is give you links to nasty ----- sites. Glad i found this site"

Introduction: Depression Blogs - Depression Chat Rooms

Welcome to this depression and anxiety blog and chat community. This site offers its users the ability to quickly Create Blogs relating to health concerns such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, obsessive compulsive disorder etc, as well as promoting communication and peer support via its Depression Chat Rooms/Anxiety Chat Rooms. Expressing and sharing your thoughts with others is often considered a very important instrument in assisting recovery, while also introducing you to new people that are likely to understand some of the aspects of your situation.

This site is free to use, is open to anyone suffering with depression/anxiety and related issues, and, additionally welcomes those that care for or live with someone that suffers with any of the aforementioned health concerns.

Depression Blogs

Depression Blogs/Anxiety Blogs (An Overview)

What is a blog?

A web page that serves as a personal journal is called a blog. Blogging is proven to be a powerful tool that reflects your personality, moods and overall wellbeing. Successful blogging is achieved by writing your every day feelings and thoughts in an introspective manner. Bloggers also often find posting expressions through poetry, videos, photographs or even a short story to be of great benefit.

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How can blogging help with my depression and/or anxiety?

For those millions who suffer from depression and/or anxiety blogging has been highly recommended by therapists as a self-help tool. Professionals maintain that blogging along with treatment can assist recovery and lead to enjoying life to the fullest.

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Why use the Internet to keep a journal?

There is safety in blog writing that you may not experience in real life. By writing a depressiion journal you can remain anonymous but at the same time express your important feelings and emotions to a large audience that may wish to provide you with feedback. It is generally believed that keeping negative thoughts inside will only serve to hinder your recovery in the longer term. When you write online, you have a venue to let go of your feelings, to learn from them, and to progress.

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Food for thought

Blogging has been proven to be a great tracking device for monitoring your mood. A blog can also alert you to exactly what triggers you to begin feeling down or anxious. It is suggested that you try blogging for a few months and then go back and read all that you have written. It is likely you will be amazed at how much you learn about your own frame of mind, and how to handle the ups and downs in the best way possible.

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Why use this particular blog site to host your blog?

There are many websites that allow you to create a blog. The advantage of using stems mainly from the fact this site is aimed directly at depression and anxiety blogs. This means you are much more likely to receive (and hopefully give) supportive and constructive feedback from others in a somewhat similar situation.

This site offers highly customizable blogs for you to create your own personal place on the Internet. Furthermore, if you are used to utilizing other sites such as Twitter, YouTube, you will find that you can integrate your blog seamlessly with many external sites.

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How do I get started?

Simply click on the Create a Blog! link at the top of the screen and fill in the quick and simple application form. Your blog will be established immediately and the details sent to the e-mail address you provide (please check your junk/bulk mail folder in the case of any missing correspondence).

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If you are unsure whether writing a depression blog is for you, why not take a few minutes to Read the blogs that already exist on this site?

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Depression Chat Rooms/Anxiety Chat Rooms (An Overview)


The Chat Rooms provide a live environment for you to talk to others whom experience depression and/or anxiety. The Chat Rooms are populated by a whole cross section of the demographic, male and female, sixteen years old and above, from all round the world. The environment is moderated by a host team to ensure only suitable and appropriate content appears within the rooms.

To read more about the Chat Rooms, how to access them and the general guide, please visit the dedicated Chat Room pages by Clicking Here.

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Thank You

Thank you for reading about the services we offer. We hope that you find this site useful, informative and that it will help empower you to discover a better future.

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