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I can't believe this is happening to me

I'm in the city where I lived for 22 years. I cam here, at a cost I couldn't afford, to have a conference with my estranged wife. I came in good faith. I had no idea what she had planned.

She and her lawyer had it planned down to the minute. They pretended to bargain, then when they knew time was running out, made an insulting and unacceptable offer.

I'm going back home today. This will probably be my last post. The hospital won't admit me, I've been turned down by social services, the bitch has set it up so that, even if I was successful in court, I'd have been living on the street and would have died. I can't afford my meds, can't find a job, couldn't work even if I had one. This may be my last post. For the last 36 hours, I've been thinking about what I need to do tomorrow before I take my life. I'm going to try and stay my hand, but this may be it.

I'm losing it...

I fly tomorrow. I'm already vomiting with the stress. How the hell can I fly when I can't leave my house?

Chapter V

Their marriage broke down and the man moved out. He didn't know at the time but he was headed for the most severe episode of depression and anxiety he had ever experienced.

He took the 'geographical cure' for depression; he moved to another part of the country. The ironic thing is, he could have gone to a major center with a job in his industry. Instead, he chose to chase a woman. He moved to her home area and the beginning of the end began.

When life gets busy

So i haven't posted anything in a very long time... so in the time I've been gone, I've been very busy with academics or well trying to be.i also have a girlfriend now whom i love very much. I must say this is by far thee most difficult relationship i have ever been in, but i will fight for us to stay together. sometimes it's so hard though...sometimes i just wish i had answers to some of my questions.

I'm already wound up...

I don't leave for my divorce court date for nine days and I'm already frozen in place... I don't know how to deal😓

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