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What are the helps to forget him...

5 years... how things turn out this way? I love him.. too much.. more than my own life.. and when he said his love has decreased and he just left me there to die slowly.. how cruel can it be.. he said im always an angel.. to everyone.. it is time to think only for myself... human beings are selfish and I am not mother theresa and I should not be always thinking of others. But that is my nature! how to change my nature! everything is so easy to say..

how much sacrifices i have made for him? tons.. more than u can think of.. even the impossibilities.. i made it happen.. bcoz why? from the very first day i saw him.. i fell deeply in love.. ridiculous i must say and i cant believe it either but it is true.

what attracts me to him? i dont know.. seriously.. i can say he has no good points... selfish, arrogant, womanizer, everything.. but i still love him! so deeply...

i am here bcoz i really am depressed.. inside of me feel so empty.. so helpless.. i have never done wrong but why does this has to fall onto me? i just want a happy family.. a happy life with the one i love.. isnt that simple? but why?

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