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im just tired

you the sadest thing is when you pin point your depression, and it all leads to your friends. i mean i have one that talks so much crap about me but says shes "playing around" i have to that i use to be able to tell them everything and hang out with them everyday but they both moved away and its like they now dont even have the time to write back to me on fb. idk i guess it just feels like they finally were able to get away so they no longer care. and the only person that still wants to be my friends and will do just bout anything to stay ,y friends, is the one who has hurt and betrayed me the most. and i tried so hard not to talk to her anymore but when you feel that they are the only one that wants my friendship you cant help but talk to them...

i swear the only people that seem lie they actaully like talkng to me and are "good" friends are like in their 30s and parents already, ad i doubt they want a 18yr old hanging out with them all the time.

i just feel all alone, and i don know what to do. it just feels like no one cares. and i guess i dont blame them its nt like i have anything good going for me =[

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So obviously i have friends, but the thing is idk how much of them actually care about me...because when i try telling them my problems, they either dont take me seriously, laugh about it, or change the subject. how am i suppose to feel sucre enough to tell them whats going on with me if they dont even bother to sow that they care?

it just hurts a lot and i dont know how to turn to anymore. thats why i looked for a site like this, just hoping it will help again.

i feel like i dont know how to open up to anyone because o one shows me that i can trust them so i can do so.

please help?

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