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So decided i would start a depession blog to  see if  i can help others and get advice from others to help me with my depression. So i was diagnosed with depression only 5 months ago and put on medication which didnt help me, so recently been changed onto a different type. My struggle over the past few months has been horrific and my only wish is to get better (if only it was that simple). I have my good days and bad days, however my good days are never excellent but my bad days can be extremely horrific where ive slit my wrists and nearly overdosed. Uni work started to put my down and i just never wanted to get out of bed on a bad day but i had to because of work. I feel that the whole world was against me and that all i live in is a black hole where there is no light at the end of the tunnel.  Even though i know my mum is there for me because she always tells me i still find it really difficult to talk to her because i dont want to upset her and dont want her to have all my problems on her so i dont talk to anyone.

Im engaged and my fiancee's family we used to be so close but very recently we all fell out and ive just hit rock bottom again :( It was all over a stupid,petty argument and it made me so low that i tried to commit suicide twice. I was starting to feel a little better but now im back to being as low as everand dont think there is anyway out of this big black hole im in :(


thats me for tonight


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