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Haved flash backs all night in my dreams ,

woke up screaming and crying.

god i just want them to go away .

What the flash backs are of is:

the rape i exspernctied about 4 years ago

I dont know why i get them

eveything would be better if  i just died...

Im distant from my family...

My friends left me as soon as i got back rehab from trying to OD

eveything is just failing now.

I dont know what to do anymore

music is my only friend right now

i dont know how to feel anymore

eythng just failling down

and its all my fault

and i know it is

i should have just died that night

i should have just done it right...

I just wanted to let eveyone live a happy life with out me.

well i gotta go be a fuck up some more..

Goodbye guys.

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