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March 28th, 2010

Today is my first time writing a blog. I decided to take the initiative and work on this since I am quite desperate. I know I need a lot of help but taking this small step might alleviate the pain inside. Sometimes I feel like crawling out of my skin since I cannot control my thoughts or my anxiety. I know the mind is a powerful thing but how can I work with it??? I would like to get better for once, I don't know why I feel so low or less than others, my energy and my spirit are crushed by this big monster I carry with me night and day , is like  a shadow that never leaves...tomorrow I have a session with a new doctor, the one I had in the past two years is not helping me with the anxiety, I am not sure if it's the medicine, the therapist or simply a combination of many things. I need to go now since my daughter is at a friends and is getting dark. I will talk to you tomorrow. good night


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