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First post

This going to be my first post. I'm not sure what to say at this moment, still trying to figure things out with this blog. In all honesty, this is my irst blog I will ever do so I hope I'm good at this. I finally found a place where I can just say all the things I know I will never say becasue of reason, like being to...I'm not sure the word. Not most people want to read about others problems some think it boring. If anyone ever bothers reading this, but would that really matter? I'm not sure really, I think , no I just don't now I probably would care but its alright, I think.  Oh I'm not sure how this is going. I guess I'll off and say what my gaol is but first I think I should explain to no one, does that matter if anyones reads this?God I need to stay focus, my goal at the end of this is to become more brave atually I want to be more like her...Aradia she is from a Comic very famous and I love it alot, Homestuck may be familiar to you. You see I love Aradia, she is an arirs like me and falls under what they should be: Bold, outspoken, and most of all Brave. Aradia is my hero if you can belive that. I want to be like her to be a true arirs I want to build my confidence so I don't have to keep putting myself down maybe this thing could help me.  Also excuse my bad grammer, really sorry.Aradia

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