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Stories.... Don't You LOVE Them? / Don't Ask, Don't Tell

You're at a family party. Your socicable father says loudly, "Ha! Remember the time when...?" I loathe, and take offense to this. Very. Much. So.

If it's anything, I hate stories about myself. It's always the mistakes I've done - nothing ever comes out as good on my part. And people question why I am not as social or don't say anything.... Like, listen to what you say, please, for once in your life, people. And don't give me the "Oh, shut up. You'll be laughing about in a few years crap." That's not the point. I may not be here in a few years because of these stories people keep sharing.

For this reason - and many more - I work on a 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' pledge. This pledge means that I don't ask you what happened. I don't ask you about every little thing going on in your life. All I do is wait for you to come out  to me and willingly tell me. Because I don't ask, you to tell me there is no pressure on you to tell me anything besides how you feel and how your day is going. If you do happen to tell me anything, I don't say anything to anyone (besides you) about it. I could only with premission and acknolwedgement from you and you alone.

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