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Well I suppose in Oder for you to really understand me, I should tell about when this whole thing started. My mum married my biological father and the had me and my older brother together. My father was very abusive to my mum and older brother so the got a devors. We would only see my father ever secon weekend. As I got older I realize that my father was hurting my brother, so I told my mum and she took us both to the police and we stop seeing him, my mother said that, by helping my brother was the only good thing I ever did in my life.

They blame me for everything he ever did to them! I was a kid! Seven years old!!! I don't even remember anything about it!

I stared acting out, my stealing small things and lying to them about everything. It became a habit. I went for being this happy little girl in school to someone that doesn't care about anything anymore. I used to wanna be the best in school and sports, now I spent my time in my room on my phone or laptop.

I know that I've done so many bad things in my life, but I'm trying to get better, but all they'll ever see is the bad.

I know that by saying they love my brother more is a teenage thing to say but I have good reason. My brother drinks, smokes, sleeps around, has anger and attuded problems and still they would rather listen to him then me.

In the last two year I've distance myself for them, after school I go to my room, I don't see them that offten. And when we do see each other it when we fight. It's not even the way they act that gets to me anymore it's the things they say. My own mother calls me a

  • Slut
  • Whore
  • Bitch
  • Twat
  • Stupid
  • Worthless
  • Brat
  • And so much more

But the one that hurts the most is sociopath

I don't know why... I don't drink or smoke and I'm still a virgin, so why?

i have no one on my side to help me, what can I can I do to change something, I want my life back

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