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I took the test a few days back and got a  27/35.
Moderately to severely depressed, it had said. Even so, I was still afraid to ask for help even though a hand was extended out for me.

Things were supposed to go-on fine today but the bosses had to come into the office an hour before the end of work and perpetually screw things up. I had told myself to finish an article today (and it really was possible, only if I hadn't went onto 9gag so much) and that would be it. The end of the day. Accomplishment of the day. End. I would be so proud of myself and it'd look good on my daily report but No. The arrival of the bosses meant long meetings and E is just the root of it.

I've never actually had major issues with E. Not till last week when I was on MC for a day and he was unreasonable for the rest of the week. It seems that sticking up for myself has taken a toll and he took it out on me earlier today.

My fellow writer-interns are pretty much fun-sized girls and my jeans are a size 32. I hate myself all the time, I can't seem to love myself. I don't want to host videos and look at my fat self in them. * You know how in school, the pressure is there and it circulates you? Go to work and it increases tenfold. I get critical about my own work. Thinking that I'm never good enough. E made us rush out our articles and he made L and G do a lot more, pushing his clients' articles to them. Maybe because he thinks that they're capable of doing it better? Anyway, the thing is that NONE of my articles are going to be published in the new issue. One was in there, the last time I checked but now there are none.

What do I even do?

I'm never good enough.

(What am I even saying anymore?)

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