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New at this

February 3rd, 2011

Hey, I want to introduce myself first. My name is Bre. Um... well where to start.

Why I wanted to join: I have been trying to find an outlet for these feelings... problems that I have had tried to ignore now for what seems like so long. Just recently things just seem to be spinning out of control again and it has started to effect my life, it's like I am not strong enough to hold it back any longer.

A little bit about me:

Well um...Im adopted. I have a younger brother who is not related by blood and he to is adopted and I belive we have a good bond, I'm there for him when my mother is not. Don't get me wrong my mother is not a bad women at all, she is nice we have good laughs once and awhile, but she is just not the kind of women to show her feelings making it hard to share yours. We joke about things like sex or drugs but it's just joking around, i don't tell her what's really going on in my life emotionaly.

Sorry I'm kind of tired of talking about myself right now but through out these posts I will put more up about myself, but I have a question:

Have You ever felt like everything could be ok? You have found something to drive back that darkness that had followed you around for so long. Then when everything is so perfect SO perfect, things start falling apart so fast you can't put up those barriers you have had from your past to drive the darkness away and now you are drowning, being eatin?

I hope this translates to other people, it's the first time I have tried something like this. So please bare with me while I try to put my feelings in an order that can be understood by other people :-/

Well that's it for now

(Life is what you make of it, that's what they say, but what happens when I can't find what I want to make of it and where it will take me?)


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