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i dont know ):

January 28th, 2011

me and my mom and stepdad fight alot last summer my mom told me i wouldnt be coming home nad that i would be able to pick up my clothes but that was it she wouldnt let me live with her anymore no matter what i cried on the phone to her but she told me i dont respect her or anyone who i lived with. i was forced to live with my dad and his girlfriend i didnt like living there becuase i never left like i settled in and was wanted there because my dad was never home and it was always his girlfriend there ( my stepmom) so i moved in with my grammie for a little bit but i then wantd to live with my dad again so i moved in with him , during this whole ime my gramma was sick but i didnt know .my stepmom drove me to my gramams one night to pick up my srighter aand i knew my great gammm was in the hospital so wehn i went in my gramie told me taht they didnt know if my gramma was gcoming home becuase she had a clot in her brain they thought. before tgis hapend my gramma had a stroke and didnt remeber me for abou a week or two my twin never went and saw my gramma she hadnt seen her for about 6 months and refused to go see her in the hospital she never got to sya good bye to her or even see her i used to alwasy go to the hotpia leveryday and sit on the end of her bed and have nap with her and she would talk to me but then forget who i a sometimes i went and saw her in the hspital one say. she died 2 days later i never got to say goodbye to her i was in oakville with my mom. i hate my life. i never see my dad and when i do all he does is yell at me and he neevr talks to me nad hwen i come to my moms in oakville she doesnt talk to me or naything either does my stepdad my mo doesnt love himbut she doesnt want to levae him i feel like im alone al the time i barley get to see my twin because she lives with my mom and  lvie with my gramma and i have 2 younger sisters i just want a mom and dad who care enough to know im depresed and  triedto killmyself i have a amazing boyfriend but latly all ive been doing is pushing him away and making him mad at me and trating him bad i dont know waht to do anymore i just want to end it all ):


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