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Abit about myself

This is the fist time I've ever wrote on here and I don't really know what to say so ill just start with abit about myself I'm a 15 year old girl to yous you might think I'm too young I don't even know what depression is but trust me I do.You would probably see me at school on the streets and think I'm a normal teenage girl always happy but then you would be wrong I've suffered from depression since year 7 but it has really only been getting worse as I'm getting older I live at home with my 2 sisters mum and her boyfriend,to be honest I have a dad but I don't like admitting I have a dad because trying to forget about him in a way I believe it will make my depression go away.The main reason I have depression is yes you guessed it my dad my life was perfect when my dad was around you could say I was a little daddy's girl but now I'm far from that.I moved to Melbourne and everything went down hill from there my dad stopped talking to me and we lost all contact then last year I found his number and decided to message him not knowing that number was now his wife's I messaged him asking if we could start becoming close again he messaged me back but then it turned to a fight him calling me a w***e,s**t,b****h and plenty of other horrible names.Now that's a bit about me I will try and post some more blogs later giving you info on different topics causing my depression.

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