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October 25th, 2010

"Hi There Everybody!"

My name is Cheryl.  I would like to introduce my self to you.  I am a scarred person.  I did not go to College in spite of being in the National Top Scores.  In fact the top 3 percent.

I have more concussions and abrasions from non scarred person than I would dare to speak of until you are ready to meet you!  You are in there somewhere.  Its not you!  You are that person that loves God.  That  person that wants to live a life free of ignorance.

People do strange things to scarred people.  I have it on good word that its not me!  I took some very serious evaluations as to my sanity.  Taking peoples reactions to my scars very seriously.   Four very educated licensed shrinks,  pronounced me quite sane.


Here is something that was spoken to me that assisted me in speaking with non scarred persons.  (it's okay to laugh) you know you!  You are as playful, as wonderful as the day God made you.

What happens inside the non scarred person is that they face a deep fault in their perception of themselves.  Most cannot accept their reactions to a scarred person.  Inside a reaction takes place that you have already had the joy of facing.  Again and again and again.  Once you Master the fact that you are the Boss inside.  That god sent his son to set you free you will be alright.  until you face that, your scars will run your every waking moment. Let him heal that place in you that knows its way home.  Let him do the hard work for now.   You just know that he is.

It gets old.  Attempting to put in an application.  All the manager does is look at you like you appalling  creature how dare you come in here.  I know its just a dishwashers job.  Never mind your qualifications.  Never mind that the person you are speaking to is using a Cancer causing formula in the dishwasher.  Has no clear understanding of the residue on the dishes.  But back to the point.

God in his wisdom is not looking at the outside.  He is looking at the inner you!  He loves you!  Properly!  His love is greater than those that throw you in alley's....or slam you all over the place.   They face a Dad they should not make mad.  They need to go to that place in side them that is without face.  It is not a sane mind that would attack a handicapped or scarred person.  It is a mind that has no clear understanding of its place in the family of God.

God can stop them.  He is!

I have been there done that!  If you are thinking of giving up on your life.  Please do not!  SO many do.  I feel it to sometimes.  There are days that I just do not want to get up to greet the powerful day that God has made just for me.

Days that I would rather just stay in bed.  All day.....

Sorrow is a cruel beast to let rule your heart.  For God says not to yield your members to Godless deeds.  I became a horrid beast after so many years of cruelty I just flat out refused to associate myself with Godless people.

I came very close to ending my life.  I ask you to know that no matter what they do to you, God loves you more.

This blog will bless you.  It will make you laugh, cry, sit in the dark and try to find light.  My greatest hope is that you will learn not to allow yourself to let non scarred persons control you.  By that I mean that their are other things that you can do to earn a living.

I at my old age never did find a place or people that cared for me except Family and a very few educated people that could see me.  Not my scars.

So I grew up hoping to build us a school.  One where we are us.  Our Chapel is not an organized religion.  It is not a place where we sit around and promote hatred of non scared people.

It is a place where we can be uplifted.  Where we can bring every thought into the captivity of Christ.  Where love can cast out all fear.

Know you!  If you have decided that your life is over, or that it is not worth living you are letting a non sane persons reactions control the love that belongs to you!  Refuse it!  Claim this hour as belonging to you!




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