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T'was the week before Christmas

When all through the house

All of the creatures were stirring

From humans to dogs and a mouse.

The stockings were hung on the wall with love

Because there was no fireplace to place them above.

The children are all grown and have gone their ways

But are still aware that Christmas is in seven days.

And the parents were stressing about having no money

At a time like this, it really isn't funny.

When out of the blue there was a clatter

And the dogs barked, asking what's the matter?

The cold winter air made everyone bundle up tight

Knowing that it will be even colder tonight.

When what to any wandering eyes did appear

but a sparkle of hope made crystal clear.

With a glimmer of light and lovely decor

From the lawn and in windows, even the front door.

You can see Santa Claus, Frosty, and reindeer

and silly elves grinning from ear to ear.

And even though Christmas is just a week away

Amongst so many bills and presents to pay.

A tiny reminder that even without the white snow

Love and neighborly kindness really does show.

We may grumble and complain more than we should

But we know it really is not doing us any good.

So remember when it is Christmas night 

Keep your loved ones close in heart tight.

So therefore my Christmas wish for you all

Is that you keep warm and happy without stall.

Because Christmas is more than just presents or any bill

It's about keeping Christ in our lives and giving good will!

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