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life really sucks

So I've officially hit rock bottom .....this fun all started three months ago. I graduated college and took a sales job and was really just doing phenomenal I was top in my office and then three months later everything changed. I had been in a relationship with a girl for seven years and I had a feeling she was doing me wrong and I got on her phone one night and caught her talking to my best friend and basically wanting to hook up with him while I.was working .......so of course we split up and I cut ties with the friend and to top it off our child ...which was a bulldog she took with her ....so in just a few days I lost her the dog and the friend well then I started slipping at working but continued to manage. Then my breaks went out and cost me a pretty penny to repair and in the same week someone broke.into my car and stole my labtop and some other things. Then of course things got worse because work continued to.decline and my income.dropped.so.i had to start selling of my things to afford to live. As I felt like things.were getting better I ran into her one night all sleezed out with my old friend.and all hell broke.lose.....a lot of words were said and exchanged and I thought this could finally trully break my feelings .....so things picked back up and I began to see the light again and her and I were talking and getting along and then we began seeing eachother again and it truly was comforting.and then when I seen it was getting to close I told her.we needed to put some space there well a.week later my grandfather passed away which I spent every second with growing up and it was completely devastating and just crushed me and I turned to her for someone ti talk to the might of his death and she ignored me and to find out later she was busy dating some other guy......then two weeks later I went to a bar to have a drink and fix my pain with some alcohol and I ended up getting jumped by three people and then a week following I was going through the drive thru and as I was leaving thr parking lot.I see my ex making out with her new guy and then a couple days ago I here she was sleeping.with someone the whole time we were together .........so I really don't know hoe much further I can go.down I'm officially broke I have zero happiness I.have no energy to.do anything or.any motivation for.life in general my heart is so.crushed and my kind is so torn and messed up that I.just feel.like losing my.mind I just can't figure out how I went from someone with so much ambition and success to somebody with nothing.and eberytime I get back on my feet the wind gets knocked out of me again ......so does anyone have any ideas

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