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Low Energy Days

One night this week I couldn't sleep. I have been catching some flack from my body since then. My body really gets cranky when I don't get enough sleep. This getting 4 hrs or less is just not working for me. I read on the internet that low energy might mean you have low testorone. I am a woman so naturally, I am supposed to have lower testorone. I am using a hormone cream and it helps quite a bit. I keep on trucking the best that I can. Of course when my energy is low, My boys' energy seems to go into hyperdrive and they fight. I just try to prioritize and spend time doing what I enjoy like writing on my blogs or writing in a journal. Listening to upbeat music works too. I think my Celexa (citalopram) needs upped. I have had 3 panic attacks in one day this week. I haven't had a panic attack in a long long time.

What the Heck is Fibromyalgia?

What the heck is Fibromyalgia? I have been asked this question so many times this week. I decided to write down my experience and what I think the root causes of this Dis-Ease are. If you figure out how this spirit came to live with you, then you can address the issue and reestablish how you react to it. Eventually, I will write my life story as an ebook and get it on here as well. So….Introducing my friend Fibromyalgia. My friend Fibromyalgia came to move in my house 6 years ago. It was not friendly at first. I started having migraine headaches so bad I would be in bed for days. My fiancé wanted me to go to the doctor and get checked out so, I did. The diagnosis was migraines. I was put on migraine medicines. That got better, and then the pain moved to my neck. Every time we would address a specific area, it moved until I had pain head to toe. It was so bad I cried daily from it. I was sick. My doctor diagnosed me as having Fibromyalgia. I looked up what Fibro was immediately. Can ya say Google? The prognosis I found was heart breaking to me. This is a life sentence with a friend that now, I see as an enemy. I must fight this thing. With every fiber in my being, I fought. I had 11 out of 18 tender spots. I told my fiancé if he wanted to leave me he could with no hard feelings. He stayed. Fibromyalgia is a neurological/autoimmune disorder that affects the nerve endings in your muscles. Your muscles spasm and become sore and painful to the touch. Even light touches send pain signals. There are medications out there for treatment and it’s getting better as more and more research is done. You need nutritional support, exercise, and spiritual support for living successfully with this friend. It took me a long time to see the blessing of Fibro. One thing I have learned is I am strong even when my body doesn’t agree with me. I am an overcomer. I have overcome the pain. Do I still have pain days? Sure. What shifted my mindset about seeing Fibro as my special friend who has come to help me and not harm me is knowing Coach Marla. Marla and I are great friends. I never knew anyone else with this condition until I met her. She has a worse condition called RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy). She has 5 pain disorders in one body. She is truly a pioneer. She is the first RSD coach. Marla is so positive that it is contagious. We had a great adventure through her coaching. I was her cohost on Winning Life Through Pain. She named me the Voice of Fibromyalgia. I still frequent the show and am begging my way back on. I keep chat going most of the time there. LOL…..I’ll put a link to the show on here. She saw her conditions as teachers and friends. Fibro has made me face the reality I only have life NOW, live it up. It makes me slow down and appreciate the friends and family I have who love me for me. Marla inspired me so much that I became a life coach too. My motto is “If this girl with Fibro can live a successful life, anyone can do it.” I do Fibro Coaching. It’s a safe place to explore your inner world and rewrite the stories in your head to set ya free. I believe that all Dis-Ease to its core and fabric are negative thoughts and experiences trapped in our bodies. If we release them, we start healing. It’s true in my life. I also love Zumba. It burns 1000 calories per hour and you are just dancing away. The music is so upbeat. I love love love it. You gotta find what works for you. If you want a free session, please feel free to contact me. I am currently working on a Depression Buster Program. Any ideas on what to include in that? I’d love to hear from YOU! Email [email protected]

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