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stressed and upset

I have been really stressed for almost two months now , ever since my uncle and his family moved in with me and my husband . they had moved in because they had no where to go and we took them in , but since then there has been nothing but problems between my husband and I . Up until a week ago my husband was the only one working , trying to support a family of five and me... this caused alot of stress between us espesually becuase my uncle and his family had said they would be with us only until they found jobs and found a place to rent, now having them here wouldnt have been so stressful and they had actually kept to their word , for the first month all they did was lie around and complain about not having money ... now since they are my family i spoke to them about getting jobs then they could have money and do something with thier lives. my cousin is the one ive had the most problems with because she feels , she can say she wants a job pertend to look for one and everything will fall in her lap. now after the talk i had with them my uncle looked for and got a job, my husband and i thought great now they can save money and move out... but that is not what happened instead they find themselfs so comforable with my husband paying for everything (rent, electricity, water, gas, and food) that instead of saving money they spend it all , on junk food and going to the casino. this is where the real problems between my husband and i really start , he wants them out and since they are my family I have to kick them out , so i talk to them , tell them they need thier own place, they say they will start looking... days go by and no efforts from them to look. my husband and i start fighting on a daily basis because my family is just taking advantage of our good nature and my husband will not stand for it. this is what has gone on these past couple months , i have felt like im the buffer between them (my family and my husband) i feel like im being torn in two , ive been so stressed and upset about the whole situation espesually because my husband and i had never fought like this before... day after day over the same issue, ive lost my appitite, and i dont feel conforable in my own home, and i havent left my room much and today i slept until 2 in the afternoon when i normaly wake up at 6 in the morning, and its not like i have a restful sleep i wake up every hour or two wondering what am i going to do , what am i going to say , or how will i get through the next day .... ive had some physical changes, i notice myself losing weight , my hair is falling out and ive noticed some gray hairs and ive been having frequent migranes . crying and yelling seems to be also part of my daily routine now and i dont want to cry but the tears keep coming , even as im writing this i have the urge to cry. I dont know what to do, and talking to my husband about this does not seem like its possible since all we do now is fight.

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