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Major Screw Up

Hey everyone, first time posting. Mostly using this to vent and *possibly* get help. Maybe it'll work. Also, sorry for spelling errors


So, it started in September of this year(2013 really) when I went through my first heart break. Same week my best friend, my pup, died. It was horrible, the pain was unbelivalble and I did things I am not proud of.

Not long after that, I started to feel worse about myself, I recently had gotten into Modeling and I felt ugly and lame compared to everyone else, and this is around the time I believe I started to become depressed.

I did things(SH actually) for awhile, before stopping. This was after I cut out someone who kept me back out of my life. Things got better, till I met someone new.

I loved him, but he was using me. He dumped me once he found someone prettier and better. This time I relapsed, I was more depressed then into cutting. I also started to become anorexic.

And that is where we are now, to today. I'm tired, I want to sleep, so I will post more at another point in life. Night(or morning) guys.

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