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Well what is there to say, obviously I am here due to my depression and anxiety, which has made more of a social outcast( as if anyone would care in the first place).  You may think I am just a kid for being fifteen and such but I don't care, seeing is how I am still young and foolish and hating the life I lead right now, which is monotonous and repititive like a hamster in a hamster wheel spinning over and over.  It is driving insane to the point where I don't realize that I am anymore.  What do you wish to know about me? I'm somewhere between 5'6" to 5'9", weigh a huge 188 pounds, wear glasses, have dirty blonde hair(which is more brown now) and I binge and purge on a regular basis.  That is pretty much a summary of me except the fact that I am a "musician" and "writer" which is an overstatement for I should rather be called a hopless dreamer and a hopless romantic.

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