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I cannot wait for the day...the day I get away From the cold manufactured buildings And the forced smiles and firm handshakes That day...the day I get away There will be genuine buildings With battle wounds left from the wars And the people will have genuine frowns Or smiles, whatever they feel at the moment A place where you can differentiate between your dreams and reality When I get to that place...that special day I will be unassuming, just drifting along On the uneven cobblestone I will not try to understand or emulate the people I will just be...
I am just now starting to come out of a major depressive episode...What frustrates me the most is that no one around me truly understands what I am going through so I am left feeling isolated and ashamed.  If depression was understood like cancer or other physical ailments I think depression would be much easier to cope with.  I could call into work 'sick' or explain to my family and friends why I do not want to be dragged out of the house to socialize, and people would be sympathetic or understanding.  Instead I feel like I have to hide my depression, and thus myself from the world in order to make everyone else comfortable, including myself.  I have attempted to describe my depressive episodes to the people I am closest to but then I have to watch them as they struggle to fix me or make it go away.  The conundrum is I either feel like a burden and hurt other people or I isolate myself and distance myself from the people I care about.  So instead I have decided to write down my feelings in hopes that other people who can relate to me will not feel so isolated and ashamed.

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