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Meetup Group

If you're in the Anchorage, AK, USA area, please consider joining the meetup group and coming to one of the meetings. They're every Thursday 5-6:30 p.m. at the Downtown Kaladi Brothers. We're gathering in the back room, so just come on in!


Lists and Whining: Go with Your Strengths

So a gal that I’m acquainted with told me that she didn’t know why I was depressed. I managed not to reach through the computer screen and give her the finger (by thinnest of margins and a dab of physics), but it did irritate me. I’m not saying I have it worse than everyone in the history of ever, but I think I do have a more than few things on my plate.

List time!

~In two months, I’m moving away from my life in Alaska and everything I’ve built to go to Texas and act as a caregiver for my grandfather.

~I’m going to be leaving the friends I’ve made over the last 11 years; close friends, who know all my faults, but love me anyway.

~I’m going to leave a job I love to change Depends and clean a house that isn’t mine.

~Meanwhile, I’m sharing a one bedroom with my husband and two other people. My husband and I are supposed to be newlyweds, but we have no privacy and no chance to enjoy each other.

~We thought that my husband had a work-from-home job in the bag, so that it wouldn’t be a problem for him to move down with me, but that is looking shakier by the day. No certainty makes Dierdre a dull girl.

~My husband has a hole in his heart, and we’re in the process of working with the doctors to fix it. A long, uncertain, hideously expensive task.

~My mother-in-law (who I adore) has cancer.

~My mother has a chronic cough that no doctor can explain, and that, coupled with all the stress in her life, is wearing her thin.

~My grandfather, who helped raise me, is in a long, slow decline, and I’ll get to watch it happen every day.

~I have cyclothymia and anxiety, which is basically icing on this shit cake.

There’s more, but that’s the big stuff. It’s enough for me to be a just a touch miffed at the universe, don’t you think?

On a good note, the depression group went well. We’re having another one this Thursday, so here’s hoping the trend continues. *Crosses fingers*


I’m starting up an informal depression support group in my area, because Anchorage sorely needs something like that. I’m nervous as hell and hoping I won’t fuck things up. *Clings to her Lorazepam bottle*


So I went to the trouble of making this blog (my first ever -like a monkey to an obelisk), and now I have no idea what to write. I'm fairly certain no one will ever read this, so it's basically just me talking to myself.

Um, hi, self! God, you're hot. Why, thank you! Nice weather we're having. Indeed!

Heh. Now that I've got that bit of nonsense out of my system, I'm just like everyone else who's made a blog here: depressed as hell and drowning in it. I've employed a variety of methods to cope, from meds to therapy to the liberal application of alcohol. Some things help a little, some things don't, but the depression never entirely leaves me. Doesn't it know the old saw about fish and uninvited guests?

I'll probably talk about why I'm depressed later, when the urge to bitch becomes too much. Hopefully, this blog will provide a bit of catharsis.

See ya.

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