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A boy at my school recently committed suicide. He wasn't just any boy, but a talented, good-looking young man, a Varsity baseball player, a funny guy, and even a loving boyfriend. He had everything I would never even dream of having: A great life and a bright future. Or so it seemed. He hung himself Sunday night. It was a shock to our school. I didn't even know him and I still felt an immense amount of sorrow. He left behind family, friends and a beautiful girlfriend whose birthday was just two days away. The question is why...?

My color guard instructor had a good talk with us about it saying that it was devastating to go through so many student deaths in her career. And even worse, that she had the recently deceased baseball player in her class just last year. He was my age. Only a junior in high school. She also stated that she hoped none of us guard members were suffering the way that Mr. Baseball was. I broke down right there. That was pretty much most of my life. Just a bunch of suffering. I took it as a possible sign not to give up, to hold on just a bit longer. But the rest of this week following Monday just got worse for me. I don't know what to think anymore. What I do know is that the death of someone you didn't know can still affect you, and that suicide DOES indeed have an impact. And a great big one at that.

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