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What do I do?

He went out again tonight and after all these years of telling him that idc that I'm sleeping, I want him to tell me if he's going out or not.. And yet he still doesn't.. Then he stays out all night. He ignores me. No text or phone call telling me anything. He didn't get home until 430 AM!! I end up staying up all night worrying.. I'm scared something could happen to him. I'm so tired of this. He's so selfish. He doesn't care about me or our relationship. I told him that I can't do this anymore. I told him it's not fair. I told him that this is all his fault. Which it is. He has done nothing to change this habit and I've been putting up with it for years. I'm over it. I don't deserve this. I deserve to be loved and so does he. I don't give him love (when he's awake. I like to cuddle him when he's asleep) because he doesn't care. How am I suppose to love someone who doesn't love me in any way shape or form. He says " I just want to do the things that make me happy." He keeps making me feel like it's my fault when he actually does what makes him happy. He goes out constantly and hangs out with his friends, so how am I stopping him? He does what he wants and when he wants regardless of anyone's feelings... I'm nothing to him. It hurts so much. He doesn't even want to fight for me. What am I suppose to do? Live miserably for the rest of my life because he's too selfish and inconsiderate to change one little thing? Idk what to do. I want to be with him, he's the love of my life, he's my world, but I don't deserve this. I don't deserve for someone to constantly make me feel like shit. Feeling like I'm never good enough. Never coming first. I don't deserve for someone to make me feel worthless or not loved. I don't. But I love him. What do I do?

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