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Hi my nane is Donna.

Hi my nane is Donna.

For me the Depresion all stared when I was 16 years old,  basicly id had acute Epilepsy for my whole life and now my father was forcing me into work at a factory.  That a friend of his was the factory manager so it was going tpo be nice and easy to get a job there just turn up, and it yours sort of thing.

I cleaned car for a couple of months, then I moved into the factory. making rubber for the gaskets for cars, then they tranfered me to naother section of the plant.  A section that made Blue Tack.  the supperviser there was a real pain in the but, and one day he went to far. He  tried to order my staff to go into his section and work in there.  I told him NO they will come through when they have finnished with me, He then insulted me and i hit him right between the eyes.  A few minutes latter I did not have a job and id been told Not to sose the jobe because if I did id be the first person in our family ever to lose a job.




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