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High and Dry

ok so today was well shit, as usual. First of all i did not want to wake up, let alone get up, let alone go to school. Then I couldn't cry, like it was weird I wanted to but I kept on stopping myself - like a reflex. I accidentally let slip that I didn't feel 'safe' which led to me ending up in a therapy session for the whole afternoon - fun times for me yays.

I think the only thing I have achieved today is listening to High and Dry by Radiohead which actually made me cry so now I feel less overwhelmed but still I'm moody as hell.

Considering the title of this blog is something optimism.. I should probably state something optimistic here yet all I can think of is that I'm still here right? So I can't really really want to die can I? Or am I just procrastinating? Oh I don't know, too  many questions with so many answers. I mean if anyone can tell me the meaning of life I will be seriously impressed.

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