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A preface to my plight

June 30th, 2011
I'm at a loss today trying to manage the past and the present. I can feel the ripples made by the cast of this demented crisis as each fails here and there. When they complete each transaction as planned, I can almost predict the next trial as this predetermined sketch moves along; one catastrophe after the next. At this point, I'm too exhausted to evade any of the maltreatment. I sometimes wonder if the architect sits back and happily wrigs his hands as each carefully thought out concatenation comes to fruition. I see him in my mind's eye as the flashbacks come and go. He's tryig to tell me something long forgotten. I hear his voice in each stomp and shake produced on their hard wood floors as they manifest on mine. This has been a long two years indeed, my old friend now turned foe.

Milieu therapy gone wrong

June 26th, 2011
I'm looking for adults (25 plus) who have been through experimental forms of milieu therapy while their behavior, while medicated, is being tested. I am in the middle of this process and I am being abused and harassed, at work and home, by people who are involved in this process. The bulk of the abuse is at my home by neighbors. I live alone and my neighbors routinely harass me at night, basically keeping me up at night by shaking the floor; jumping up and down so as to create a current running across the floor, hitting me in my head and chest jolting me out of sleep, and then contiuning with the motions, keeping me awake for extended periods of time. This has been going on for nearly three years and I have moved twice due to the abuse. I am desperate for help! I have called the police and informed my landlord at this new location to no avail. I'm having problems proving the harassment/abuse.


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