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I am starting this blog after losing my husband, 2 years ago.  He left no will in Costa Rica.  I can hardly describe the hardships.  I learned Spanglish in a year.  I have survived without money.  I live off my garden.  I have no money to return home to my family.  I use internet cafe's when I have have money from selling my fruit.  I would dearly love to have a room mate/house mate.   Perhaps, if you are a widow or single old doll, you will consider living here. I live on $300. per month and have done so for 2 years.  It..  is...  difficult, but I do it!  I love and hate this place.  I'm alone.  I have my little dog, Joe.  Even Joe has learned 2 languages.

In this day and age, you would think I would have help.

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