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Category: drowning_not_waving

Coming to the States for a white Christmas!

drowning_not_waving 2 feedbacks »
I am coming to the States for a white Christmas! It seems so selfish and horrible but just a few weeks ago Iwas so down and depressed in the "now" that even this coming holiday didn't seem to lift my mood. But as the mood has lifted and the trip is get… more »

It aint all bad!

drowning_not_waving 2 feedbacks »
Today I went and saw my psychologist. I am seeing her once a week at the moment. She is helping me with a number of long standing deep seated issues that I am desperate to try and find the best way to manage and come to terms with.  She reminded me onc… more »

The space between the thoughts.

drowning_not_waving 4 feedbacks »
One day a psychologist taught me something really helpful but extremely hard to do. To focus on the space between the thoughts. To think about what you think about at the end of one thought but before the next one comes along. My mind never stops..… more »

Lifts the mood.

drowning_not_waving Send feedback »
Hi all, I just had to write and say that I posted a comment on someone's blog the other day and she wrote back and was so touched that I took the time and cared enough to make a comment. Sometimes when you're feeling so low about your own circumstanc… more »

Anxiety and tic tacs.

drowning_not_waving 2 feedbacks »
 Here I am again....:) I didn't think I'd be writing another blog so soon..... The longing and desire to connect with others who can identify with what I am going through is certainly powerful. The posts that I have read while at this site have rea… more »
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