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being alone

This past few years several crisis occurred, I can't even remember how I passed them, maybe crying and watching my fav movies helps a lot. They said that the love from your friends and family helps a lot to overcome crisis but I don't have any of it, I tried to make friends but searching a true friend is harder than to find a coin that you dropped in the river and My family  ignored me they just keep on bringing my flaws and the mistakes that I've made. I cried alone questining the law of the world blaming God until one day I realized that the more that I search love from others the more I became depress, so I decided to stop and kill my emotions, killing my emotions means I stop minding others, I don't talk to my colleague unless work related, I ate , watch movies, and shop alone. After a few months of living like that I began to laugh while watching and sleep with a smile after watching. And now I feel at peace because I only mind my self and loving myself, but who know's maybe tomorrow or the next day I will learn to dream again and  totally git rid of this damn depression.

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