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bound in life

February 3rd, 2011

 dont get me wrong my title bound in life dose not mean i want to die tho the few that know me would never  know it but i am a deep person i also have the worst speeling youll ever see in a 20 somthin conadian but let skip the long intro im here because i need a place to vent and to share my wisdom

my life like many others is not would you would call happy every one i have ever met  baring about 3 of my teachers has shund me and generaly treated me like crap that alone has made others end ther life but i indured only to have my family be the worst of them all my  older brother was into heaviy drugs last i hurd he stoped but he got ran out of town lang ago my yunger brother treats me like he wants me dead but then he dose threaten my life 6+ time a day on agood day my fother is such a jack ass that i have sworn off haveing a family of my own untile i can control my anger the way he wont i did so because no one should have to grow up in a house like mine my mom yells and yells for hours at a time

ooo yeah did i mention that everyone in my family exsept for my garndmothers is a bunch of drug adicks im the only one that hase never done drugs or drank i will live alone untile i can control my anger and if i never can then i will never know love

now i have told you about my family but not my self i am as you know an angry person like my dad but i am also unmotiveted lazy as all get out and have done nothing to change in my 20somthin years of  living im tired of it i truly am but have no motivation to change no mater how much i want to


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