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I'm 13. My birthday is November 25. I hate being young DX I am not shy at all. I love to help other people. I LOVE music :3


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First Post.

Well, Let me explain some things first.

I'm 13. I love to sing and rap :3 I listen to all kinds of music, hit me up with a song and I'll probably love it.

But anyways, Why I'm here is because;

I have terrible depression. I've had it since 6th grade. I'm in 9th now. I tried to commit suicide in 8th grade. I get made fun of a lot. I'm one of the most talked about people in my grade because everyone knows a different rumor about me. I hate it. I am also an ex-cutter, ex-anorexic, but I think it's coming back. I want to start over but in my crap town, you can't. Once your reputation is ruined, you're screwed.

I want to be happy, but it's hard.

I just want help.

And I don't want my last option to happen....Suicide.

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