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struggling to fit in

It seems lately that no matter where I am, what I am doing I am feeling like I do not belong. At work there were people that I thought were my friends, who I am realizing the hard way that they aren't really people you can count on to be "true" friends. I feel like an outsider and I find myself withdrawing from social contact with everyone I work with.  With my family I feel like I am second best. My mom is always doing things with my sister, my husband is, it seems, always over at his moms for one reason or another and constantly spending his money on her and his sister rather than looking after "us". I thought the chat room would be my refuge but even that does not help my feeling of not belonging. I listen to everyones issues and try to help and be supportive all the while I am wondering to myself why I am there. It makes me feel like I have no reason to be there, I have no reason for being depressed and sad. The things that these people have gone through in their, mostly short, lives makes me think I am just faking all the feelings I have because I have no story to back up these feelings. But I still come back day a fter day, if not for myself then to try to, at the very least, be a supportive ear for someone there going through a rough patch.

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