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this is me telling a story about the worst day of my life.. If you have a few minutes to spare please read this. I've been dreading this one day for almost a year now. Ever since this day I've been in a dark place and Im searching for a way out..Maybe you can help

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ok...where do i beginn?...on July 29, 2011 i had the worst day of my life..i went to go see the band OAR in concert and everything was going ok until i started smoking

weed. I smoked two blunts of this extremely potent weed that just messed me up sooo bad to the point where i couldnt even speak i was so gone.. My mind set changed

almost instantly, it went from happy nd having a good time to worried and just lost in my own body.. my heart started beating like crazy and i was shakin rly bad..

meanwhile the music is just blaring at this concert and im just freaking out trying to keep my shit together because i didnt want my friends to realize that i cant

even function like a normal person right now.. so when i finally had the courage to speak and say something to my buddy nothing came out of my mouth..it was like i

turned mute then and there... it was like in my mind i could hear myself speaking but then when i would try and say something nothing would come out it was so fucked

upp.. so then i was like freaking out even more...i was like shit wat do i do i cant even talk right now like wat is happening to me. and then i started kind of

looking around and i just felt like people were looking at me and like talking about me behind my back including my two 'friends'.. so in my head im thinking like dude

just fucking act normal youre at a concert just fuckin chill you know?.. well that never ended up working and next thing i know im hearing people singing my name

faintly behind me and to right or sumthin.. if i was normal i would have asked these people WTF they wanted from me.. and this is no jokee..this really was happening..

i wasnt just hearin things cuZ i was high... so i try to just ignore these people and it keeps going on for maybe 10 minutes these random people who i dont even know

singing my first name..my middle name.. then my last name.. like they fuckin knew me or sumthin.. so i kept ignoring.. then all of the sudden i feel sumthing brush

against my back.. so i turned around and looked this person behind me (we were standing on bleachers so there was rows 3 feet from each other) and this guy who ive

nvr seen before is just giving me this dirty ass look like hes got a problem with me or sumthing and im just tryin to have a good time and watch OAR who ive nvr seen

in concert before.. so sumone taps me on the back and i turn around again not saying nething of course bcuz im too fucked up.. so these people continue to do this for

maybe 20 minutes i am just pretending like im not feeling a thing.. i just wanted to shrivel up into a ball and wake up from this terrible nightmare.. Then.. out of

the corner of my eye i see my friend kind of turn his head and look behind us and mouth something or indicate to someone behind us something..it was at that moment

where i realized that my friends knew these people who were doing this to me.. then my heart just kept beating so fast it was like i couldnt breathe i was just in so

much shock that my friend who ive known practically my whole life was in a sense making fun of me and talking shit literally behind my own back..i was just so shocked

that this was happening.. some friends i have right??..ne wayz..now im at the point where even if i could speak up and say something i didnt even want to because my so

called friends were talkn shit nd making fun of me behind my back..and they had no idea that i knew that they were saying things about me behind my back. so i just

kept silent just in awe about this whole situation.. this whole time im being nice by drivin my friends 2 hours away to see a great show and here they are talking

shit about me. i honestly just wanted to kill myself at this point.. i felt like a complete fuck up and just was so dissapointed in myself.. after all of that i

started feeling the eyeballs..i would see like sum random person staring at me over to the left and like 2 rows up and then another person from the right and one row

up would glance at me.. and this kept going on and i like realized that these people had like a pretty big sized group with them...and this is nooo jokeee..i was NOT

imagining this.. i knew i wasnt just imagining this because i then saw sumone who i recognized.. it was one of my "friends" friend from another school or sumthing.. he

was like two rows up or sumthingg and i saw him look at me too...and all i wanted to do this whole time is just scream at the top of my lungss like WHAT do you want

from me?!.. i was freakn out and i was so close to just running out of there and leaving my "friends" behind but i couldnt build up enough courage to do it.. so then

time goes by and OAR starts playn there best song they saved for last and i start kinda singing it with the rest of the crowd nd everyone arnd me and wat not.. and

then i here these people behind me once again talking shit about me..i hear "ohh of course he knows this onee".. and other bullshit and its just so fucking hurtful to

me cuz ive got such a low self esteem at this was all happening to me so i was just feeling soo down on myself.. it was like these people wanted me to kill myself.. at

one point i began to believe that this whole thing was a setup for me to be murdered or killed or beat up or sumthing terrible... THIS is the craziest part of this

whole night...ok so they play wat seems to be theyre last song and OAR leaves the stage and the crowd is just quiet.. some people far away from us start yellin encore!

encore! etc... and then it just stops.. and i guess people r just waiting for them to come back out on the stage and play there last song..then people around me

including my friends start chanting.."i need help! i need help! i need help!.. it was like the wanted me to say it too and it just like broke my heart as gay as that

sounds thats kinda how i felt.. i just could not believe it, my own friends going along with it...so then when they finally stoppeds i hear someone pretty close to me

start chanting encore! encore! encore! but i wasnt saying it.. and it was like people were waiting for me to start chanting it.. so i doo and the only voice i hear is

my own and then everyone starts chanting with me... this is noo jokee at all.. like im not fuckingg with u one bit.. they were waiting for me to start chanting

encore.. i shit u NOT. i couldnt fucking believe it..i was just so shocked i didnt know wat to think because then the band finally came out.. i thought to myself

wow..wat r the fuckingg odds... so then they start playin one of there biggest hits..so just like everyone else im enjoying myself and the shit talking continues

behind me where these people dont think i can hear them but i can.. nd its just killin me inside.... so then they played 2 more songs and they just sat on stage for a

minute.. like they were waiting for something.. then i see the lead singer kind of squinting his eyes and he's sort of communicating with the sound guys tower which

was like maybe 15 feet from where we were at kind of towards the back...then u know how at concerts they have a camera on the crowd and the band and stuff??? well that

camera started moving through the crowd trying to spot me.. and i know that this sounds insane but this is wat was happening.. NO LIE...i hope u believe this.. so once

i realize that theyre trying to get me on camera and like expose me or sumthing i rly start freaking out..so i say to my friends "u guys wana leave early nd beat

traffic?"..nd they were all like " sure man if thats wat u wanna do right now its up to u".. so im just thinking to myself like shit this is going to be extremely

embarissing these people have sumhow set this up so that OAR..the FUCKING band could expose me in front of thousands of people..im not the type that would enjoy this

and ESPECially after all thats happened during these excrutiating two and a half hours... so im lookin the big screen which is showin the camera searchin through the

crowd of people lookng for me..and all of the sudden i see the person in front of me who had a cowboy hat on.. i could see him in front of me and on the screen and it

was like for a split second on the screen and then the camera cut out and went bak to the lead singer...OK so while all of that is goin on the lead singer is speaking

to the crowd like.."we got something going on here tonight".. i VIVIDLY remember him saying that.. and i like realized that i was like fuck that man im out of here..

so then i ask my friends again" u guys rdy to go?"..nd they say sumthing like "sure" or "yea watever u wana do".. then i see my friend like signaling to somebody..i

havE NO IDEA who he was doing this to but he gave like the "CUT IT" sign.. where he raised his hand up to his neck and "cut it" or w/e... u probably think im crazy but

uve gotta believe wat ive been saying cuz i wouldnt be doin this right now if it werent all true..... NE ways then i just took off.. stepped down from the bleachers

and started just walking away and my "friends" followed obviously... so the whole time i was just thinking to myself like just dont look back and keep walkin.. then i

realized there were some people following me.. so im thinking to myself like fuck it man.. if these people want to fight me or beat the shit outta me than fucking let

em i dont give a shit nemore... so then we start walking up to a drinking fountain where i wanted to just drowned myself in the water because i felt sooo thirsty and

dehydrated.. so as im lookin at the fountain i see sum dude behind me like sprint up to the water fountain with a stupid smirk on his face pretending to like drink

the water or watever so i just ignore him.. as this doushebag is doing that my "friend" was like " i got some vitamin water in the car"....like he didnt want me to

stop for 5 seconds and take a fucking drink of water.. so im like "alright" and we kept walkin then all the sudden some random chick runs up from behind us and hugs my

"friend" and just runs back to wherever the fuk she came from..RANDOMLY..i was like "WHO The fuk was that dude"?.. and he was like "idk man".... like a fuckin idiot

lying straight to my fuckin face..jackass...so then we just walked back to the car and drove home.. and leme tell ya it was a fucking quiet ride home.. except for one

thing i do remember...my friend sayinn.."dude man dont worry about those guys mann they were faggits." or wateverr...THE END..
04/22/12 @ 05:10

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