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Somehow it's always the hardest as night falls. Lonliness sets in and the thoughts take over. Why are we hear why make it so hard?? I'm tired just so tired and weak all the time. Getting out of bed each day is a constant struggle But I know I should be grateful that I can get out bed and have somewhere to go. I'm scared, I'm scared of people and I'm scared of myself. I hate to make decisions with the fear that its always going to be the wrong one. I have friends I don't hav 'best' friends and I don't have friends I can talk to about this even my partner of 7 years. Thy just don't understand these feelings. Of feeling never good enough NEVER. Feeling like everyone is watching me and talking about me. Bringing me down. I know I shouldn't be so self absorbed the world certainly does not revolve around me. I just want to be old and all these current worries to be gone. There is so much I want to say and no one to say it too can someone please talk to me I need a friend. Thank you.

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