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Well, I'm a teen and I've been having bad thoughts lately. Well, not lately for a looong time now. Every day it just keeps getting worst. The voices in my head(the bad ones) grow stronger and louder. "You're not good enough" or "Nice one, you should just end your life now..." I sound just like a girl you see in a movie... But you don't get it! I get put on a pedestal EVERY day! My father owns a car dealership and a Subway. Plus, my sister is the PERFECT regular girl, she's; popular, skinny, all the boys like her, and she has tons of friends! I tried everything to stop the voices, pills, friends, texting, and cutting myself. But they won't stop! I can't eve look for a cute shirt or something like that without getting an "Oh, that's to cute for you." or :You'll never pull that off. Why don't you just stick a bag over your head that says UGLY" oh, and I can't forget "You're to fat for that." It's gotten so bad I've thought about suicide. I've planned it to. I just don't know what to do any more...

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