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The aim of the game

Hi all.


So this is my very first blog and my very first post. What i hope to achieve with this blog is to help motivate others suffering from depression or another mood disorder. I got diagnosed with suffering from moderate depression a couple of weeks ago and have been put on anti depressants, and hopefully i will eventually receive councilling. I believe my depression started in my early teens. I struggled with feeling lonely and left out, bad self image and the fear of failing to succeed. I have gone through self harming and the very dark days of feeling like i should just end it all. I know how difficult and lonely it can be some days, a push in the right direction is very often needed. The journey to recovery and good health is a very difficult one, but through this website i hope we can all encourage and help each other to reach our goals and live a much happier and more fufilled life. On the particularly dark days always remember death is so permanent, your mood however is not.

Much love,


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