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losing my way

I'm losing my way and really need someone to talk to. I'm depressed and feel that this may be the end. It all started last year. All of my life, I've worked very hard to make something of myself. I graduated high school top of my class with a 3.9. I went on to college and did the same. Graduated there with a 3.8. I got out and bought a new car. I got a job in my field right away. i was doing all right for myself until things took a turn for the worse. I live with my mom and we lost our home. This was the second time this had happened to us. You see, we lost the home that had been in our family for decades to Hurricane Rita in 05.We moved to another city and got another home through the government but when it was to to buy the home we'd lived in since 05, we lost it and were forced to move in with my grandmother. The three of us have always been close. Mr and my mom are the closest ppl she has out of her kids and grand kids. we do EVERYTHING for her. But now that we are in HER house, she wont let us breath. She doesn't understand that we are going through hell right now. She down't understand that I'm going through hell right now. Her rules are ridiculous. No one can follow them. And she snaps on a dime. You're scared to talk to her not nothing if she's gonna go ballistic or something. It has to be her way or no way. If you dont agree with her then it's hell to pay. I keep telling her "granny we're not the same ppl. We're not going to agree on things eye to eye. but she won't hear me. She did the ultimate wrong to me one day and even though i've sort of forgiven her, i'll never forget. i told her and my mom that the situation was depressing me and voiced my feelings. I told them i was so depressed that i had started thinking about suicide, and she told me basically to "shut up" and get out of her face with that mess. Even when i showed her the cuts on my arms and legs from self mutilation. I can't take it anymore. And i feel like if something doesn't change soon, one of us will not make it. I'm in serious need of some guidance and of a friend. Can someone please help me because i feel close to the end.

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