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Everyday I learn more about who I am and am not. Or at least I think I do. I can tell you everything I know about myself that is the absolute truth right now. My names Paige and I am 16.

The rest is only what I think I know, believe, feel.

I'm a typical kid, in a typical high school, with typical friends. Then again, what is typical? I see my dad maybe once every 2 months and my mom lives with her boyfriend now. I live in a tiny apartment. I have very bad anxiety issues, i'm shy and scared. I like being alone, in fact I like it too much.



Everyday I learn more about who I am and am not. I could tell you who I am not but what's the point. Focus on what you're not and you turn into a ugly person, focus on what you are and we turn into an even uglier person. Why? because as much as some people hate to hear about your problems, they hate it even more to hear about your accomlishments. We've all done it, we all do it and we'll all deny it.



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