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The Beginning

Where does it al start?  Wel for me it started when I was a child. Or so im told.

Nou at the age of 21 I finnaly got a answer to all my question. Why do I feel this way? Wat makes me so different? Why is my life not filled with hope, and lust for a future?  And it suprised me so much. Me, Depressed? I hardly could believe it. Becuase I had know this life from a small child. And in my eyes people who where depressed where always sad and never had a moment of happyness. Which didnt discribe me.

I was directly send to a new place to be helped becuase the student facilitie thought I needed a more intense program. Imagen going to  a psygoloog for first time and then direct send to a intens treatment. Now I am 2 years further and they still dont know why or how I got depressed. All there has be figured out that I probely been depressed since I was 4 years old. The meds help with the downs, and have given me a change to feel happines for the first time ever. But the wil to live I still hasnt been found.

In my life I have not found people that struggel with the issues that come along with depression. Now I hope to find a partners in crime to pull eachother threw the struggels and fight toghter for a future, a life. Which I am so desprate to have, and more than willing to fight for each and every day.



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