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everyday life

so today i actually got out of the flat and seen my nan  im used to staying indoors all day everyday whilst im not at college and it makes me worse! sometimes i feel like i cannot cope and woder when its all going to go away  i hate my life at the mo and no one seems to be helping me threw it i dont get any suport of my family and my boyfriend doesnt understand my best friend has depression but i guess this is different  lonely...

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at the beginning

-my depression started soon after my mother kicked me out the family home a few weeks after my 16th birthday. Since then everything went downhill. Being homeless whilst doing my GCSE's, having an abusive boyfriend. I've never had my father in my life so I've always had a hole in my life. Now 3 years on I live alone with a low income feeling worse and worse each day and having no one to talk to. I can't work because my depression is severe and I have anxiety problems. I give up.

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