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I am... numb

11.00pm, 16th April 2013,

I guess I should start this to just talk . Like just write down stuff I feel.

Right now the feeling is not feeling at all. Just numb, like I'm expecting some wave of grief or tragedy any time soon. Like I know I'm not okay but I'm just waiting and cherishing the calm before the storm. Someone to call me out for my weight or my clothes, or my face or spotty skin. Waiting for a blow that will make me crumble. I think I will deal with numb for a little bit.

Maybe not crumble actually, just get a little more sunken into the ground. Maybe this is the build up to the big wave, I'm getting a little sadder everythime I press a key, so maybe the sadness is soon. Probably.

English homework-not done. Well crap.

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