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Day 1


My name is Kaylie, I'm new to this site, to the blogging and the chatroom. I'm even still learning how to talk about my problems. I'm the type of person who balls everything up inside and make my anxiety worse because I dont talk. I'm hoping that people will give me support here as I will give them the support they need. I also need advice, about a ton of things and I'm hoping to find answers here about them too.

I know I'm rambling on and I'm sorry, when I get nervous I try to avoid talking about anything to do with my problems by rambling on. See what I mean? I quess what I'm trying to say is I dont want to open up here just to be shot down by people who are unsupportive.  So I guess I'll start by nameing my problems and some things about me. Well I'm diagnost with bi-polar. depression and anxeiety disorders. I am aslo anorexic, well I sort of am. I want to eat I do but everytime I go near food I want to throw up so I rarely ever eat. The doctors say I'm making it up and I just dont want to eat to get attention but I swear thats not it at all. Anyway alot of my depression and anxiety comes from when I get stressed or become sick. And when things happen to family or friends. I get some of my depression from school, I'm sure lots of people get bullied in school right? well thats the same for me, It got so bad I was beat up to the point half my ribs were broken or cracked. That was when my guardian put me in couceling.

Anyway, I hope that by writing everyday I can get everything I need to say out and help myself and others. Things happen to me everyday weather there good or bad and I would like to be able to share these things with people.

Sincerely: KaylieIsSleepy

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