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Why I started cutting.

I've been cutting for two years now. My friend found out and told me I had no reason to cut. But what they don't know is that my dad went to prsion when I was seven. After he serve his seven years in prsion, he got deported back to Mexico, of course me and my Mom went to Mexico to live there with him. Only to find out he cheated on her. They divorced. We came back. They hate each other. It was like maybe two months after that I got a call from my wela She wanted to talk to my mom. I knew it had to be something bad. My mom had to sit me and tell me that my dad was taken by the wrose cartel in Mexico. My wela never kept me updated if my dad was alive or not. I was depressed for several weeks. I knew my dad wasnt eating right so I wouldn't eat at all. that's when I first started cutting. They finally told me that my dad was home, and that he was coming back here. When he got here I was beyond happy because I thought he would want to spend time with me, boy was I wrong. He lives less then 30 miles from me. He ignores me. Doesn't call. Doesn't answer my calls. When I do finally get to talk to him and try to spend time with him, he is always either to busy for me or he is going out. I don't hate him I just hate that he doesn't want to spend time with me. Wela ; grandmother Cartel ; a really bad gang in Mexico

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