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Frustration with the Good Days/Bad Days of being Disabled

Due to an auto accident a number of years ago...I've had extensive back surgery and a total hip replacement. Chronic pain is difficult to live with. Some days I find it difficult to function and cannot control the crying. I am usually a very positive person, however, when I'm having a BAD day, with a lot of pain...I get so frustrated and depressed. I feel trapped in this body! I want to run, jump, skip, ski and do all the things I did before my "issues". Most of the time...I try not to focus on what I cannot do...but on what I CAN do! And I try to remember as bad as it is...there is always someone out there who is way worse off than I am.

I am teaching Arthritis Aqua classes at a local gym and while it's suppose to be good for me...I am in pain sometimes during, and almost always after I teach! But I don't want to give it up...the way I see it is...I'm in pain, whether I teach or not. And the benefits of exercise are good and I always loved to exercise...it was "fun" to me. However, now...it seems more like work. Managing the pain is sometimes almost as difficult as managing the depression that goes along with it.

I find it hard to stay positive when I am feeling so blue, but constantly reminding myself to count my blessings and be thankful that I am alive...Helps! Praying Helps! Knowing tomorrow will be a better day...Helps! Forcing a smile...when all I want to do is cry...Helps! Making myself socialize with family and supportive friends...Helps!!


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