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I can´t

It gets harder everyday

to keep living...

the pain is unbearable

but I try to hide it

Others shouldn´t see the real me

I would disgust them

The scars would scare them

Old and new ones

They get more with every harassment

with every name, with every punch


With everything you do to me

I´m one step closer to commit suicide

and you can´t do anything about it

It will haunt you, my death

But it won´t revenge me

I will be forgotten

I can´t be remembered

I´m one of many others


I´m one of many suicidal `freaks´

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I don´t remember the last time I could live and smile without having depessed thoughts.

It eats me up....

My smile and laughs got fake, good thoughts left me behind.

Now everytime I try thinking about good things, my stomach turns upside down.

I´m trying hard to stop self harm, but it fails.

I fail.

It´s making me sick.


I don´t really have someone who I can talk to, they all left me.

They said they don´t someone like me.

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Beautiful Butterfly

Hide my scars

under your wings

in hope nobody sees them


Just don´t fly away

Please - hide them forever

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Depression and self harm is not funny!!

Others lose a dear friend or a lovely child to it.

So don´t sit with your friends and laugh about it.

Don´t you see the person near you, with long sleeves and a frown on the face?

With the things you say you could bring them to commit suicide,

so please stop.

I don´t think you would like to be one of the reasons they died.

Stop now, or it will be too late!!

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