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My Intro, basically.

I am Lilith Yandrix. That is not my real name, or even my first chosen false name, but it is what I am to be called in this place, and what you are to call me, if you so chose to speak. I have been dealing with depresion, alone, for four years now. Perhaps I am not the lone sufferer, or even the longest sufferer, but four years is a long time to deal with something, especially if you are suffering alone, with the fear of ridicule holding you back from speaking to those who might help.

Now, I am seeking help, both professionally and intimately. I have, as I was told, clinical depression, and I thought to search help from somewhere far off, and from someone who knows me not.

So, I thought, what could be farther than the internet? And that lead me here, to start an unrelaible blog about the fears and general life of a fifteen-year-old who is afraid to ask help from someone she knows.

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