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Hello, to everyone, I have ran into something and I need replies because I do not want to be blind again.  The other day I opened my computer in the evening after supper and there was a e-mail for Cheaterville.com,  so I opened it and as the page opened there was a picture of my husband with a write up about what someone supposedly saying he has cheated and I guess they were saying recently, so I confronted him showed him the write up and of course he swears on his mothers grave,  the write up new alot of a trip that my husband had taken and to include all of the people who went,  there is no proof on this web site such as pictures or anything the write up includes our daughter and his best friend, but I so relize that all but my daughter would lie to keep this quite, and I do not want to believe my daughter would lie I am questioning this.  I just wonder what I am supposed to do, what is the thoughts I am not sure if this is a reliable source either.  I would like some input if anyone has had dealings with this site that might help me.

Journal for Sunday 9/16/2012

Hello to anyone who might want to read this.  I have been diagnosed with depression and recieve medication thru my VA Facility.  I  am having problems with my medication it leaves me depressed to a point I don't want to express.  I called Friday and asked for my doctor to call me and there was no phone call.


Tonight something happened that has really effecting me and I choose not to take action.  But my 17 year old daughter thinks I don't listen to her and her reaction to me when she is talking is to yell at me and sull up.  But tonight we were talking about a movie and how she thought that the main character and his age, I feel like she was correct once I realized what she was saying but I did not converse that with her she wanted to tell me how it was more to her point and I had just decided to listen to her but this is when she burst out at me and I started to feel depressed and felt like crying which I did in my room.  I am not sure with the medication not working how to deal with every thing being thrown at me


Two years ago I started recieving Disability for lung disease, depression and back injury.  Friday my husband of 23 years was asking why I did not get to the VA Disability people sooner.  Anyway when I started to cry he got upset and told me to call my doctor to get a doctors appointment which I done.


This is not the first time he has brung this up to me. I do not have a car of my own I use a close friends car to get to town and some other things but at one time the car was did not have insurance and I was told that they (my husband and the close friend) that they did not want the car going into Florida that is were my VA Facility is because of no insurance and the trouble that could come from it.  By the way I live on the edge of Florida but not in Florida.  Anyway so there for at least 6 months I could not go to the doctor.


Also, another issue here is that for the years since I started recieving my disability, my husbands health is also getting worse he has degenerated discs in his back which causes pain into his legs.  But my income is what we live on and we live in government housing that is not up to standards.  And that in itself is depressing me.

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