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July 10th, 2011

so here it goes..

i had been in relationships but none of it lasted for a month. the longest relationship i had been was about two weeks. i have this problem trusting people, actually guy people. its  very hard for me to trust them and i dont know why.

maybe im just afraid.but i dont know where im afraid of. :'(

so here's this guy , he was different or i must say unique . i opened up with him since he noticed that its hard for me to give my trust to guys . he said that he wanted to remove that "barrier" that is in between our relationship. we're not yet committed to each other , we're not official but the feeling is mutual.  but then again i rejected his LOVE . i dont know why . but this is what i always do whenever im being attached to a person . now im crying . my heart is breaking . i cant beg him to get back to me because he already moved on but me .. im still crying my heart out every night , thinkoing if i made the right decision or what . i want to let myself love others. i wanted to be loved . but i dont know if i can . if anyone can stay with me being that kind of person.


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